Baby's First Haircut Pictures

NOTE TO PARENTS:  If your child dislikes getting his/her haircut, bring him/her into the shop.  198 Barber Shop will happily trim the hair of any not-so-happy participant (screaming child)!!!

P.S. We cut children's hair as early as 1 day old!!! LOL  Don't think that your hairy baby has to be a certain age to get a haircut.  When he/she needs a haircut we are happy to give him/her a great haircut.

2012 First Haircuts

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2008 First Haircuts2008_First_Haircuts.html
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2007 First Haircuts2007_First_Haircuts.html
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2006 First Haircuts2006_First_Haircuts.html
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2005 First Haircuts2005_First_Haircuts.html

"First Haircut Certificate"

All of our new little customers receive a

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2009 First Haircuts2009_First_Haircuts.html
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2010 First Haircuts2010_First_Haircuts.html
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2011 First Haircuts


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