Meet of the fine electricians

that works for W.M. Lawson Electrical

Contractor (410-349-9400).

Here is another electrician from

W.M. Lawson Electrical

Contractor (410-349-9400).

These pictures was taken on 11/3/04.

  The Electricians, Plumbers and Heating/A/C

Workers were all here.  All of the

guys were working hard.

Here is one of the plumbers.   The name of the

plumber contractor is Bayside Plumber, Inc.


Meet Mike (top) and Wayne (bottom)...

they work for Multimarine Services, Inc

(410-355-7012), my Heating A/C Contractor.

Turning a Produce Stand into           198 Barber Shop

11/8/04 - The first few weeks things were moving very slowly.

Here you  can see that we have pipes, wires, and heating/AC duct

work.  The next two weeks things are really going to be happening.

Next week we should be able to get inspections on Electrical,

Heating and Framing (the Plumbing inspection is already done).

The foam insulation on the exterior walls is scheduled for next 

Saturday.  After that my contractor will be able to start putting

the wood on the walls, start dry walling and put the cabinets in

and all that good stuff.  Things will finally start to look pretty!! 


11/17/04 - The insulation was installed over the weekend.  DeVere

Insulation (410-766-7408) did the ceiling and Insealators

(301-948-1600) did the walls.  We passed our insulation inspection

on Monday.  My contractor came back today to start putting the

drywall on the walls and ceiling.

Beal Septic (410-987-0970) finished the pipe work from the building

to the holding tanks.  They still have to complete the trench work and

than the septic system will be installed.  Beal Septic is doing a GREAT

job also.

Due to my engineer this is going to be one of the most expensive septic

systems, for a single building, in Anne Arundel County (please enjoy

that flush!!).  If you need an engineer I will be happy to tell you who

NOT to use!!!  Thus far, my engineering company is the only company

that has totally over charged me and did not have the nerve to return

my calls to explain the cost.

I need to mention my Architect, Mike Kogut (301-490-9066).  Mike did

an excellent job and has been very helpful with any problems that have

come to surface.  Mike is fair, honest and full of helpful information.

Personal Note:  This has been quite an experience (BIG scream!!) but

I can not wait until the building is back together and we get our final

inspection .  I really miss my customers and miss cutting hair.  The

worse part is over now.  Hopefully in about 3 more weeks 198 Barber

Shop will be open.  I'll keep you posted...check back often...miss you!!

11/26/04 - Things are moving along.  The wood planks have been put

on the walls and the dry wall is up.  In case you are wondering what

this is a view of....the left wall is the front of the building about 50' long.

All the way at the end of the wall is going to be the "Kiddie Korner". 

To the right where the drywall is, there are going to be 2 Barber Stations

there.  What you can not see is to the right of the doorway where there

is going to be 4 more Barber Stations.  The drop ceiling is being installed

today.  My contractor might not have any hair left after installing the

drop ceiling due to the fact that the ceiling (like everything else in this

building) is not square.  Please stop back in next week!!!

12/12/04 - I am sorry that it has taken me so long to update.  I

am just too tired to update!!!

We have had some major flooring issues but basically it is about

as good as it is going to get.   The flooring installer finished today. 

The cabinets are installed.  The plumber and my general contractor

are coming to finish tomorrow.  It will be a real treat to have running


My electrical contractor will be in on Tuesday to finish.  The heating

contractor will be in on Wednesday to finish.  Than we will be getting

inspections.  Cross your fingers that we will have all the inspections

done by Wednesday.  I know that that is pushing it, but so be it!!!  I

am ready to Rock N Roll!!!

12/15/04 - Pat's Paving (410 969-7287) put a base coat of

black top around the building.

12/22/04 - Meet Richard, my 1st customer after getting my

U & O.  I think that this shot is pretty darn good considering

Richard is holding the camera and taking our picture.  Come

on in and check out the shop. 

12/19/04 - Hi, it is taking longer than expected.  The mirrors

were installed on Friday.  My family helped me clean on

Saturday.  We had the plumber, heating , and electrical

inspections on Friday.  There was a few things that we

had to do before we could get our finals.  The heating

and plumbing have taken care of their items.  The 

electricians will be back in on Monday to finish up. 

Hopefully we will get the final on the electrician on Tuesday.

I am going to try to get the building final on Tuesday also.

I will keep you posted.


3351 Fort Meade Road

Laurel, MD  20724-2001


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